Economists beg Arun Jaitley for a ‘job’…

Gursharan Dhanjal of Inclusion takes a dig at several Indian econs looking for a job at the Indian govt.

Ever since the new govt has come,the amount of positioning one is seeing has never been seen before. Econs who benefited much from the previous UPA govt via several positions in govt have conveniently switched sides blaming all ills of Indian economy on the UPA govt.  There are only a handful of such econs/experts who acknowledge of their alliance with previous govt bodies. Rest have just conveniently switched tracks.

Those who are already sitting on several policy positions appointed by UPA govt are just plain lucky. Rest are shuttling around for benefits. It is all amazing and shameless really.

But NDA govt is not relenting so far. It is enjoying all the publicity given by these econs in the name of change but not interested in giving back the favors.

The author calls these econs as India’s new trade union..:-)

Equating economists to a “trade union” who have been very active during the past two months for not being able to find any job in the government, Sanjaya Baru, former media advisor to past Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, hoped that the recent names circuiting the press circles turn out to be true. He wondered as much as the others including, Bibek Debroy and Rajiv Kumar as to why jobs are not being given to economists?
This comes in the wake of recent news reports that US-based economist Arvind Subramanian (not Panagariya) is tipped to be the country’s next Chief Economic Advisor. Baru was speaking at a function where Finance Minister Arun Jaitley released a book Exploding Aspirations: Unlocking India’s Future by economist Rajiv Kumar in presence of Bibek Debroy and a house full of other economists.
Jaitley did not rule out the importance of sound economic advise in the functioning of the government. He said, these people have a key role; they not only seek to act as advisors to policymakers, but also try to put ideas in their mind and try to shake them. Some get offended but some others welcome fresh ideas. Amongst these various suggestions and critiques, I try to discover some valuable additions to my knowledge and thought process, he added. He recommended the formation of independent think-tank by those who have the luxury of time and inclination to read, write and think.
He says with proper governance, govt could just ignore thre union:
Economists are a cohesive lot – a new generation trade union – one does not malign the other. Whatever wrongs that may have happened in the past, all have been cleverly attributed to the serving prime minister, whether, it was Indira Gandhi during the 1970s or Manmohan Singh, 40 years later.
If you have strong and decisive leadership capable of taking critical decisions, there may not be a strong felt-need for any advisors. There is plenty of talent within the government. A whole lot of senior government officers are doctorates and specialists in economics, public administration, sociology, political science and so on.
If with a poor level of governance, we could grow at 8 per cent and above, with better ‘governance’, the rate of growth that India is capable of achieving would be anyone’s guess. What great role could be there for a new generation “trade union”?
One could not agree more. I mean so many countries have developed and one does not even know the role econs have played there. In India we have too many cooks which just spoil the broth..


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