Shouldn’t our Hon’ble President/SC (or someone more important) explain the sacking/transfer of so many State Governors?

This is getting really really nasty. I am no political expert but all this random sacking/transfering of so many State governors is just preposterous.

It is true that ruling party is paying back to Congress as latter did the same in 2004 or so. Infact, it is like tit for tat. But after the 2004 sacking Hon’ble Supreme Court said such sacking should not be allowed. Or we don’t believe in SC anymore? The crazy amount of politicisation of everything in this country is reaching an alarming level. The executive is becoming way too powerful.

It is also true that all these State Governors are just used by Centre to sent their cronies/ministers. But then with ruling party replacing these State Governors with their own people instead of looking at capabilities/expertise does not take us anywhere. It is one party spokesperson replacing the other. The transfer of some Governors to NE States and they resigning on the pretense that NE States are not important speaks volumes about our so called focus on development of NE region.

I am wondering what the Hon’ble President has to say on these matters. He only appointed them earlier as they belonged to his Party and is now signing them off under the pressure of the ruling party. There should be some tolerance level and respect for opposition. Otherwise where are we headed?

What is also puzzling is to see no reaction from our so called experts/guardians of Indian policy/economy. They were just uselessly worried about Governorship in the world of finance with no care for politics. But then Many such guardians have conveniently joined the Govt on its Japan trip.

All this is just weakening our already feeble political institutions. And as Acemoglu/Robinson and several others show this is not a good thing. It over a period hurts economic developments too.

A more meaningful thing is to look at the role of these State Governors in today’s society. Do they play a role  or are they just like PCom meaning to be dismantled? If they are still important, then we need to somehow depoliticise all this and send people with some expertise and neutrality. This large scale sacking is uncalled for.  If this governorship don’t matter why waste public money to host them?

Much of life is a circle. Just because something bad happens to you does not mean you repay it back in similar ways no matter how much the damage is. As the circle will go around again and today’s opposition party will become tomorrow’s ruling party, it will do the same. Do we again wish to see similar political circus again? Why should we allow all this to happen?

The previous UPA govt did a lot of damage by taking politicisation of office of President and State Governors to a new low level. One expected better conduct from a govt which stood for change.

2 Responses to “Shouldn’t our Hon’ble President/SC (or someone more important) explain the sacking/transfer of so many State Governors?”

  1. Midnightbreakfast Says:

    Sir anyway they are political apointees, arent they?

  2. econ neel Says:

    True Sir,
    Going by Acemoglu it is going the way where executive is getting way to strong and it will muzzle any voice of dissent. Right now what is happening is consolidation of power.Reminds me of the resistance put by Judiciary to President Roosevelt. It is the strength of institution which stopped FDR from getting his way, which of course served well in long term.

    The office of Governer has definitely become an odd tool for centre govt to prick non-friendly state govts. Other use of Raj Bhavans is to park oldies. Some commentators suggested to abolish the institution altogether, may be oaths and other functions can be conveniently by supreme court. But that will bring the judiciary under huge pressure from Executive. This is on display right now with the new bill.

    I am glad that at least President office still have some semblance of grace. but till when that can continue is not certain.

    PS: I think next targets will be the heads/directors/vice-chancellors of top varsities.

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