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Washington Recaptured…

August 29, 2014

It is quite remarkable to see how Prof. Simon Johnson has stuck to the cause of crony financialism (crony capitalism is a little broader) and doing away with it.

Here he compares how Washington was captured by the Brits in 1814. And after 200 years it is being captured by Wall Street and Big Banks.

38 maps that explain the global economy..

August 29, 2014

Superb visual post on world economy by Matt Yglesias. Amazing maps on world economy each one showing a different story. It is still incomplete bit nevertheless.

It is so fascinating to learn economics this way. But most of our textbooks are so dry. The only pictures we have are those dreaded graphs.

Good show.

Should we call this Great Financial Crisis a Greater Depression instead?

August 29, 2014

Brad Delong certainly thinks so.


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