Prof. George Akerlof or Mr. Janet Yellen?

It was kind of funny to get this post from WSJ blog. It is trivia really but is fine given it is Friday evening.

The post is basically on this shift of Prof Akerlof to Gerogetown University. The post title is: George Akerlof (aka Mr. Janet Yellen) Heads to Georgetown.

I mean how does one react to this really? Both Akerlof and Yellen have for long been one of the really high profile econ couple. In the power relationship Akerlof ruled given he was “the prize” winner and so on.

But now with Yellen heading the Fed is easily the most important policymaker in the world, the equation has become more balanced. It is amazing to see Akerlof cheering Yellen at the background a the time of her swearing as Fed Chair.

I mean whichever way you call these two, it does not matter. Both the surnames are equally powerful..

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