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Swachh Bharat lessons from Bangladesh…

October 6, 2014

This Swachh bharat initiative is easily the best taken by new Indian govt (read PM) after getting elected. Living in India has become a huge hassle given the lack of basic hygiene in most parts of the country. We literally live around garbage and filth and is a huge health hazard. Children are sick every other day and hygiene plays a big role. Most soap ads show washing hands after each task as a way but there is a limit to washing hands each time and then even clean water is not there.

Gyanendra Keshri of Inclusion points how Bangladesh rectified this open defecation but we continue to struggle despite booming economy and markets.

Likes of Sen and Dreaze have pointed how we lack behind Bangladesh on basic human indicators and this open defecation is one such indicator…

Hope the initiative lives on and we do get a better life by 2019..

Central bankers as new philosophers to fix world economy and why that is a problem..

October 6, 2014

A brilliant column by Prof Harold James bringing a lot of things under one column.

He points how Europe and US have differed on philosophy of life. The philosophy of course comes from one’s world values which are shaped by culture and history. These differences reflect in all things including economic policy. Whereas US has been much more active trying to stimulate their economies out of trouble, Europeans have dithered for a long time.


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