Most RomComs are basically about money..

An interesting article (HT: INET).

It looks at how RomComs have evolved over the years and behind all the mush there is money. As they say it is all about money honey..

Romantic comedies are about a lot of things: meet-cutes, misunderstandings, rain-soaked declarations of love, pratfalls, sassy and put-upon best friends, steady-but-boring boyfriends who aren’t as compelling as the hero, unexpected run-ins, makeover montages, grand gestures, glamorous careers that leave plenty of time for hijinks, highly detailed speeches about lovable quirks, and sometimes—if we’re lucky—a musical number. At their big, gushy heart, however, they’re about one thing: female wish fulfillment. There’s the wish that the girl and (usually) the boy will overcome the adorable obstacles and fall in love, of course. But there’s also the wish that everyone will look and feel fantastic doing it. In real life, these levels of fantasticness usually cost a lot of money. So how does money function in romantic comedy?

Over the years, rom-coms have evolved; by design, they reflect the gender politics and social concerns of the day, even when they’re attempting to provide an antidote to them. The screwball comedies of the ’30s gave way to musicals of the ’60s leading eventually to the high-concept Meg Ryan-y blockbusters of the ’90s. In 2014, the traditional romcom hasn’t exactly died, but it’s mostly moved, to television and independent film. And while TV’s crop looks a whole lot like the ’90s-era ones with upwardly mobile attractive people, the indie rom-coms reflect an indie sensibility: namely, that broke-ass people can fall in love, too.

Here’s a look at the evolution of the rom-com, via your wallet


Read on..

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