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IMF floors its SDR rates at near zero..

October 30, 2014

A one week old news..not sure how many saw it.

IMF charges an interest rate for lending against SDR. These rates are calculated on a weekly basis. These interest rates are in turn calculated by the prevailing interest rates in developed economies, With rates even touching negative, there was a threat to SDR rates as well. So IMF has set the floor rate at 0.05%:



Lies, Damned Lies, and College Rankings..

October 30, 2014

Steve Cohen writes in City Journal over the non-sense around college rankings. The article is for US but applies to most oarts of the world where all these college rankings provide a lot of stress to students who are unable to get into top colleges. Moreover, colleges start to game the system by trying their best to remain top of rankings.

The purpose of education is to become a more informed and a humbler soul. But now college degrees are just meant to show-off and signal one’s supremacy over the others..

How a region once decimated by smallpox and measles became a coffee exporting hub?

October 30, 2014


Casey Lurtz, a Business Historian at Harvard Business School discusses her fascinating research on the topic.

She discusses a place in Mexico called Soconusco which was a place of diseases in 1800s and then emerged as a coffee exporting hub at the turn of twentieth century..


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