From minimum government, maximum governance to maximum government, minimum governance?

What times we are living in really. The sheer hype in which India is placed today is mind-blowing to say the least.

Just a few months back, when the new government came in there was huge focus on the slogan — Minimum Government, maximum governance. Our media took on the message big time and started suggesting how there will be really low number of ministers and there will be super ministries. The initial Ministry size was 45 and it seemed small governments is indeed going to be the case.

Just after six months the size has been expanded to 66 and guess what the media says? The Government inducts go-getters and vote-getters! Some say it is still leaner  than UPA. Well wait for some more time Sirs. When UPA expanded the cabinet, it was all criticised for being too many etc.

All kinds of euphemisms are being added to hide the double standards like how many IITians are there in the new list, education profile, job profile in previous NDA government and so on. Till a while back, central bank being friendly with MoF was criticised and now under the new cabinet media reports friendship and it is being praised.  The Super ministries are making way for single portfolio ministries under the tag of more lean and efficient ministries.

So will we have maximum govt and minimum governance? We do not know on the governance bit and will have to wait…

What really is going on? Despite the stunning election victory for the ruling govt in state elections, it could have avoided these expansions. But it seems media has lost all the basic ingredients of being media at the first place. Just praise everything as criticism is not likely to be appreciated. As long as markets go up, we are all fine with whatever the govt chooses to do.

This swing in media perception is just very discomforting. One can neither be too critical nor too eulogizing. The way media has compromised its role in recent years is shocking. If things go wrong in future because of too much centralisation of power, it will be this dark age of media which will be a major reason for the same. Of course, the media will hardly own up. It will just dump this government and pile onto some new bandwagon. Who knows, the same party which is being lampooned today might be celebrated in future.

From a more historical perspective, it is amazing to note how a party which was questioned for being Swadesi is now being praised for being so open to foreign firms. And how a party which actually bright reforms is (sorry was) being questioned for being too Swadesi…What a turnaround of events despite starcast broadly remaining the same..


One Response to “From minimum government, maximum governance to maximum government, minimum governance?”

  1. CLEMENT RAJ Says:

    The only sensible decision was to rid Arun Jaitley of his additional charge as defence minister. It seemed to me like we had another George Fernandes in the making.

    The other appointments make no sense.

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