From Plannning Commission to Neeti Aayog

The more things change the more they remain the same. Infact, those who consider themselves as harbinger of change are most of the time recycling old ideas.

As per this news from BS, Planning Com (Yojana Aayog) is to give way to Neeti Aayog (Policy Commission):

After almost four months, the government has finally zeroed in on a shape and structure for the new body which will replace the five-decade old Planning Commission.

According to a senior official, the new body will be called (Policy Commission). It will be headed by a vice-chairman, not deputy chairman as was the case in the Commission. The name of first vice-chairman is expected to be announced soon.

Officials said the new body will comprise the office of (DBT), Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the inter-state councils and Programme Evaluation. Each of the four departments will be headed by a secretary-level officer.

A few of these departments are currently under the Planning Commission, while some function with the ministries.

Wondering what is the difference between Deputy Chair and Vice Chair?

I mean why do we need another of these policy type places? India has plenty of these already. And then it does not take much time for Neeti to become Yojana. For centre-state relations, Inter State Council should have been revamped (in today’s times one does not even know whether ISC is needed; it is all about centre anyways) and let policy level stuff be as decentralised as possible.

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