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Was Milton Freidman a true libertarian?

December 12, 2014

One serious misgiving of ignoring history of economic thought is inability of students to argue against the other side of an econ debate. This lacunae becomes deeper if we try and argue against the mainstream thinking and that too on a topic as suggested by the title of the blogpost.

Murray Rothbard of Austrian school had written this article  in 1971 arguing that Friedman is not the libertarian as idolized by free market believers:


Where are the economists’ yachts?

December 12, 2014 poses this question based on the famous book – where are the customers’ yachts?


Fight between an econ and restaurant over inflated bill

December 12, 2014  had covered this interesting fight between a harvard econ professor and owner of a Chinese fast food restaurant. Apparently, the restaurant had overbilled the professor by $4.


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