Fight between an econ and restaurant over inflated bill  had covered this interesting fight between a harvard econ professor and owner of a Chinese fast food restaurant. Apparently, the restaurant had overbilled the professor by $4.


The prof ordered food via the website and after he finished the food and saw the bill relaised the prices were different from what he saw on the website. This led to a series of emails between the prof and the owner. The owner tried to defend himself saying the website prices have not been updated in a while and so on. This did not satisfy the Prof who pointed to law saying this was illegal and threatened to press a case against the food joint.

Ryan Mcmakan of Mises Institute has a piece on the incident saying the prof could have avoided this controversy. As per Ryan, there is nothing as an overcharged price as the prof had paid for the good. He should have checked the prices with the bill at the time of delivery. The main contention of the Mises piece is we should not have any govt authority to look into such cases. This also in a way sums the spirit of Mises institute as well.

Well, ideally yes but in such cases we usually trust the bill. Even if the delivery person notified that prices have been revised upwards or something, there would not have been a case of feeling cheated. The Prof could have handled the case a little  better but you are really bitter on feeling cheated.

Interesting case on e-commerce as well. Small stores set up websites and encourage people to place orders through web as well. They should monitor the website and keep it updated too just like their normal brick store,,

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