Bangalore’s garbage crisis breeds some Japanese disease

Today’s Bangalore edition has this piece on Bangalore’s ever growing garbage crisis.

The several garbage dumps are leading to all kinds of diseases like Dengue and so on. There is a new edition to the list — Japanese encephalitis:

The civic agency’s inability to effectively tackle the mounting garbage crisis has now put the well-being of children in jeopardy. Four children have been admitted to Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH) with Japanese encephalitis in the last one week. Doctors are blaming the incidence of the disease on garbage dumps piling up across the city.

Two of the children are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) — one is on ventilator, while the other was taken off ventilator on Monday morning. One patient recovered and was discharged two days ago. Private hospitals are yet to report positive cases. Japanese encephalitis mostly affects children between the ages of 1 and 15 years.

Animals such as pigs and birds act as intermediate hosts of Japanese encephalitis virus. “Garbage dumps lying unattended everywhere in the city have multiplied mosquito breeding sites. So when a mosquito which bites the carrier pig subsequently goes on to bite the human, the latter gets affected,” said Dr R Premalatha, director, IGICH.

All the cases were reported from the city’s outskirts such as Yelahanka and Hesaraghatta where garbage dumps keep cropping up. “If the dumps continue to proliferate, it might get difficult to control spread of the disease,” she said.

“So far, we have only had sporadic cases of Japanese encephalitis in the city. In this scenario, garbage lying unattended everywhere in the city is certainly a risk factor for many vector-borne diseases like yellow fever and dengue. Malnourished children are certainly the most vulnerable.

The garbage crisis of India’s international city keeps getting worse. It deserves a national debate at Indian Parliament and some immediate action. The sheer misgovernance of city of Bangalore is nothing short of a crime. In quick time the city has been converted from a garden city to garbage city and now graduating to a health hazard city.

ToI should push its pink cousin Economic Times to cover this issue at national stage. I mean unless the issue is highlighted and dramatised in the pink papers nothing really moves in this country..


2 Responses to “Bangalore’s garbage crisis breeds some Japanese disease”

  1. Nivie Says:

    Yeah the city has disappointed many of us. Swachh bharat abhiyaan should intensify their efforts there.

  2. Nivie Says:

    That would be a good start to the new year

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