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How our brain determines if the product is worth the price..

December 26, 2014

As neuroeconomics gains ground, we are in for exciting times and research. This piece summarises certain experiment which look at how people react to prices and products.


The productivity of trust between state and private firms

December 26, 2014

Ricardo Hausmann has a nice article on the topic. There is always this uneasy relationship between big businesses and government.

Both believe that they are distant from each other which is just that – a belief:


Christmas economics: Challenging some common beliefs

December 26, 2014

Merry Xmas to ME visitors.

Laura Birg and Anna Goeddeke summarise the findings of economic research around X-mas. There are couple of beliefs around the festival:

  • Do you believe that prices peak during Christmas time?
  • Do you believe that the number of suicides peaks before Christmas?
  • Do you think that the monetary value of presents you are giving to your beloved is of importance?
  • Do you believe that at Christmas time the economy peaks?

Most of these beliefs are found wanting when tested empirically. For instance only prices that rise around xmas are stock prices and not really those of goods and services


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