Why 94% pickpockets nabbed in Delhi Metro are women?

I was not aware of this statistic and kind of surprised to read this.

An overwhelming majority of pickpockets — 94% — caught in the Delhi Metro network this year are women, official data has revealed.

Figures compiled by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) for 11 months, from January to November, show that a total of 293 women pickpockets were held as compared to 22 men in metro in the national capital region.

The CISF is the designated nodal force for securing the Delhi Metro network, platforms and rail coaches. “Women pickpockets have been dominating the Delhi Metro premises. It has been found that they camouflage their intentions by deploying a clever modus operandi of accompanying a child or carrying a toddler. In most cases it was found that the women who were apprehended after the act of stealing were the least doubtful,” a senior official said.

The CISF, which is tasked with securing the 134 Metro stations in the NCR, hand over these men and women to the local police for action under law. The rise in numbers of women pickpockets has been a subject of challenge for security agencies in the Metro network including the CISF as the figures for last year also depict a similar trend.

Last year, of the total 466 pickpockets held across stations of the Delhi metro, 421 were women. CISF personnel also recovered over Rs. 29.56 lakh in cash, cheques/drafts of value of over Rs. 9 crore, foreign currency worth Rs. 86,683, gold ornaments and other valuables worth more than Rs. 16 lakh from the transit system this year.

Statistics hide more than they reveal..

Wondering what could be the reason for this? Do men thieves do not like DMetro? Or is it that they are too cunning and are able to trick the authorities? Or is it that they are caught but have ways not to get reported? Or are women thieves too naive and are just caught easily?


One Response to “Why 94% pickpockets nabbed in Delhi Metro are women?”

  1. Nivie Says:

    Or is it that the women pickpockets make riskier bets so they can provide for their loved ones?

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