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Celebrating Tipu Sultan’s birthday..

December 30, 2014

One significant event since the historic May election verdict is how politicians are revisiting and changing our historical thinking. The earlier historical figures are being rejected outright and new or ignored historical figures are being celebrated. The chaos created is not limited to central govt but has intensified at state level too.

The recent one to join the controversy is government of Karnataka which has decided to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s b’day. Here is a detailed historical account by Sandeep Balakrishna which says why Tipu was a false hero.

If anything, one is getting some good readings to read and recall India’s forgotten political history..

How and why prices differ across eight Texas cities?

December 30, 2014

Michele Ca’Zorzi, Alexander Chudik and Chi-Young Choi of Dallas Fed have an interesting research on the topic.

They first show how prices differ across eight Texas cities and then look at reasons for the same:


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