Book review/recommend: History of modern India

First, wishing all ME viewers a very happy new year. Hope all of you have a great 2015.

Perhaps the best way to begin the new year for ME blog (some may disagree). ME ended the previous year with a post on cricket and starts the new year with a post on Indian political history. Nothing could be better.

Given the fight between our political leaders for new historical icons, time for people to get the facts right. This book by late Prof. Bipan Chandra  is a good way to begin recollecting and knowing Indian history till independence and its shapers.

It starts from decline of mughal empire and goes all the way till independence. The book does not cover the fight for independence in detail but covers fair bit on events before independence.

The best part about the book is that it is not just a historical account but weaves narratives around sociology, economics and politics. Unlike other historical books, the book is less on characters and more around key events. So, one does not have to keep flipping the pages backwards recalling the characters.

The book is quite deceptive. It is just about 335 pages but packs quite a punch. It has 14 chapters. After each historic phase, Prof Chandra tells you the consequences of the phase on economy, society and polity.  So you get insights from multiple perspectives.

Reading this book could be a great way to begin the new year. Of course it will just provide a foundation and one has to build over it and focus at areas of one’s interest. Likes of Prof. Chandra are criticised greatly for painting our outlook  on India’s history, so one has to look at alternative sources as well.

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