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132 Government PU colleges have no Kannada lecturer..

January 2, 2015

I am guessing this must be the state of most govt colleges in various states. They do not have good teachers to promote the local state language (barring may be Tamil Nadu). As state governments frenetically look for new local regional heroes, it is ironical that localness is getting lost in a thing which matters lost – the local language:


From Make in India to Marry in India..

January 2, 2015

Jug Suraiya has a practical and more easily doable advice for Indian government.

He says that instead of Make in India which looks to make India factory of the world, the govt could look at Marry in India, making it an international hub for matrimony:

India could emerge as the nuptial nation of the world, with bridal parties from across the globe flocking to it as an international matrimonial hub. The best thing is that, unlike other forms of manufacturing – be it of cars, or smartphones, or defence equipment – the manufacture of marriage doesn’t require much by way of infrastructure.

While ‘Make in India’ involves setting up large factories, which will need huge amounts of unavailable bijli to run, and an extensive network of roads and highways to carry in raw materials and carry out finished products, ‘Marry in India’ doesn’t need any of this, just a stockpile of hay for the grooms’ ghodis.

Modi sarkar should make ‘Marry in India’ its latest catch-all slogan. And turn ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ into ‘Mera Baraat Mahaan’.


Student politics: a game-theoretic exploration..

January 2, 2015

An interesting paper by Soumyanetra Munshi of IGIDR (technical though).

She applies game theory to understand the linkages between political parties and student unions:


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