Why should there be more accidents in Bangalore on Wednesdays and Sundays and between 12 PM to 9 PM?

Bangalore traffic police has released some analysis (it does some work after all) and requires some thinking.

It seems higher accidents are seen on Wednesdays (803 in 2014 ) and Saturdays (773 in 2014 down from 797 in 2013). In terms of daytime, max accidents  happen from12 PM to 9 Pm (the article says from 12 to 5 but we see higher accidents between 6-9 PM as well):

Be dead careful while driving out between noon and 5pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays: it’s on these two days that the city sees the highest number of road crashes. An assessment by Bengaluru traffic police has thrown up interesting statistics about accidents in the city. Wednesdays in 2014 recorded 803 accidents, while Saturdays totted up 773. By comparison, Mondays in 2014 saw 695 crashes, Tuesdays saw 679 accidents and Thursdays recorded 696 accidents. Sundays appear to be safe, with 673 accidents in 2014.

The data has flummoxed police, who will analyze why accidents peak mid-week and weekends. In 2013, Saturdays emerged as dark days with a high of 797 accidents.“We are yet to figure out why there are more accidents on Wednesdays. On Saturdays, the reason would be the weekend. On Sundays, accidents are relatively few,” says MNBR Prasad, DCP (traffic), East.  The data was released on Thursday, World Ambulance Day.

Interestingly, the highest number of accidents in 2014 occurred between noon and 5pm, as hour-wise analysis. There were 898 road accidents during these hours, while peak hours — 6pm to 9pm – saw 897 accidents.“One of the reasons for the noon to 5pm accidents could be school leaving hours,” the officer said.

Just like we see anomalies in finance sector where we have all kinds of patterns where markets go crazy on given days. THough, accidents are about human lives and there should be as low numbers as possible.

Saturdays are clearly a terror on Bangalore roads. Not sure why Wed features there. Perhaps people looking forward to weekend already tired driving on Mon and Tues, get a bit reckless.

Further, cases of drunken driving lower but of helmetless higher:

Drunk driving cases have come down: 61,000 cases were recorded in 2013, which came down to 55,000 in 2014. “This is largely because of the awareness generated. Many hire taxis, or seek for a drop after a late-night party, rather than drive themselves,” said Dayananda.

The worrying factor is the increasing number of two-wheeler accidents in 2014, involving 332 deaths. In 2013, the number of deaths was 309. “Most of these were helmetless driving cases. As many as 16,67,248 cases of helmetless driving were registered. There is also a move to make helmets mandatory for pillion riders,” added Dayanand.

The death of 17 cyclists and 331 pedestrians has also raised concerns on road safety.

The nightmares continue for people living in the city. I mean there is hardly any speed on roads and to see so many accidents is like a double whammy. The traffic police is so casual here that it is baffling. There are no traffic lights at critical junctions, no road signs to give directions. blind spots, black holes and speed breakers in plenty to continue to harass drivers. With lack of public transport, people have little choice but risk their lives on a daily basis on the killer roads of “India’s international IT city”.

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