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Planning by the people – Colombian urban experience

January 19, 2015

Aravind Unni an architect working with YUVA (Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action) in Mumbai has a superb article on this.

Colombia’s social urbanism and inclusive transportation projects have left a lasting impression on urban planning in the global south. The author explains how urban planning got democratised in Colombia and why India is still far behind.

It has some good pictures as well on how Colombia shaped its urban agenda without a lot of noise.  Countries after countries sort their policies and issues but none make the noise as we in India do. It is a different story that despite all the noise we are not able to do even half of what we set out to do..

Some answers on the Harvard 1953 economics exam..

January 19, 2015

This is by far the most read post on ME. The total visits to the blog in a month (0r more) were done in one day. Clearly, most people feel quite a bit about how econ education has changed over the years. On the twitter handle, there were comments like whether students can answer any of those questions, how economics has ignored what matters and so on.

Prof. Holt has written on the various questions posed to him regarding the q-paper:


Of Indian Prime Ministers and their economic advisers..

January 19, 2015

India born economists (as most are not based here) perhaps lead their counterparts in their efforts to become advisers to the government. More importantly to the Prime Minister. The double standards are just all over the place. On one hand, they criticise the government for all ills of Indian economy and on the other just jump at the first opportunity to join the government as adviser adding brownie points on their CVs.

TCA Srinivasa Raghavan has a nice piece on Indian PMs and their pet economists. He goes into history and points to the various combos of PM and pet advisers.


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