Book Review: Children of Light ..How electricity changed Britain forever

This is an amazing historical account by Gavin Weightman. We take so many things for granted and forget how certain individuals and their struggles gave us things like electricity, automobile etc.

So, this book goes into detail on how electricity came about in Britain and how it changed UK forever. As UK was a colonial superpower, this must have impacted its colonies as well. Jonathan Glancey has a useful short review of the book easing my job.

There is fair bit of discussion amidst econs on whether new technologies in future will help boost economic growth in future. It will be difficult to beat electricity on all aspects of its impact on human life.

In a way the book is in the spirit of this history of innovation and knowledge economy by Prof Joel Mokyr. Someone invents something picking cues from someone else. It is rarely a case of someone doing all by himself or herself.  And then how these new things are added gradually to the original idea to make the product better. Then someone else adds/deletes something based on experience from other product/industry.

These accounts are sheer magic to read..


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