Richest queue in India (world perhaps) and cronyism at its best..

This picture is quite an interesting one. It shows India’s richest businessmen queuing to wait to meet US President Barack Obama patiently. It is ironical in many ways to see the rich and mighty queue like school children waiting for their score card or something. In many ways it is a score card of future where the chosen guys would either get to invest in US or be a partner of US money into India.

It clearly shows the power of politics. Those who keep talking of free markets and so on should see how politics dominates the game. At the end of the day, you have to get closer to the politique to see your empire grow.

But this is also an example of cronyism where business and politics get real close. Deals are signed amidst favorites and it is dubbed as competition. Most of cronyism happens behind the scenes and this is all in your face. Take it or leave it.

The way Indian business are rallying behind the recent polity and latter reciprocating greatly, is interesting to see. Heavens are falling for India as of now and these things will be praised and shown as responsible for growth. When heavens lift themselves, same things will be criticised for the downfall..

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