Why gender equity is elusive in economics?

Pranjal Rawat of Presidency College Kolkata has this piece in DNA.

She reflects on the poor representation of women in dismal science:

Ever wondered, how even after decades of ‘scientific’ study of economics and ‘scientific’ application ofdevelopment policy, gender equity remains a fairytale? Contrary to the aspirations of modern economic science, development policies, both through international and domestic agencies, have only led to a feminisation of poverty as proportionately more women tend to fall below the poverty line. This may have something to do with patriarchal mindsets within the discipline of economics itself. 

So far, only one woman (in 2009) has won the Nobel Prize in Economics. The rest — 74 Nobel Laureates — are all men. Only three women have won the Clark Bates Medal, the first among them winning the prize in 2007.The other 65 winners of this prize are men. Mark Blaug’s popular compendium of leading economists in the 20th Century, Who’s Who in Economics, features only 31 women and 1,000 men. Of the top 100 contemporary economists registered on IDEAS-RePEc global database, women are a significant minority. The works of economist-historians such as McClowsky and Dimond, have shown that not only are women’s contributions to economics underplayed by men — women economists do not even find space in footnotes. 

Why just dismal science? Women are highly underrepresented in most activities barring home related ones.


One Response to “Why gender equity is elusive in economics?”

  1. Puneet Arora Says:

    The government should be remove the discrimination in the economy in cast of male and female .

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