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Should World Cup cricket be just called a Commonwealth cup..

February 24, 2015

ICC has been around for years now but has hardly managed to expand cricket to other countries. So much so, the sport remains pretty much in the commonwealth country club.

This is even more in case of cricket World Cup. Barring Afghanistan, Netherlands and UAE, all countries which have played the world cup are just commonwealth countries. I was looking at the list of countries which have played the WC so far and one can see that the game has hardly gone any far. The same set of teams which played in 1975 remain relevant today as well.  Countries which have been added since 1975 like South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were also commonwealth countries. SouthA frica would have entered earlier if not banned under the apartheid regime:

1  West Indies  West Indies  India  Australia  Pakistan  Sri Lanka
2  Australia  England  West Indies  England  England  Australia
3 East Africa  Australia  Australia  West Indies  Australia  Pakistan
4  India  India  Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka  West Indies  England
5  Pakistan  Sri Lanka  New Zealand  New Zealand  Sri Lanka  New Zealand
6  Sri Lanka  Canada  Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe  South Africa
7  England  Pakistan  England  India  India  Kenya
8  New Zealand  New Zealand  Pakistan  Pakistan  New Zealand  Zimbabwe
9  South Africa  Netherlands
10 UAE
11  West Indies
12  India


1999 2003 2007 2011 2015
1  Australia  Australia  Australia  India  India
2  Pakistan  India  Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka
3  England  Pakistan  India  Australia  Australia
4  West Indies  England  Pakistan  England  England
5  Sri Lanka  South Africa  Netherlands  West Indies  West Indies
6  Bangladesh  Netherlands  Canada  South Africa  South Africa
7  Kenya  West Indies  Zimbabwe  Netherlands  Zimbabwe
8  Scotland  Bangladesh  Kenya  Canada  Bangladesh
9  Zimbabwe  Canada  Bermuda  Zimbabwe  Ireland
10  India  Namibia  England  Kenya  Pakistan
11  New Zealand  New Zealand  West Indies  Bangladesh  New Zealand
12  South Africa  Zimbabwe  Bangladesh  Ireland  United Arab Emirates
13  Sri Lanka  Ireland  Pakistan  Scotland
14  Kenya  South Africa  New Zealand  Afghanistan
15  New Zealand

If India had somehow failed to compete in cricket, this game could easily have been lost in oblivion. It is India’s large numbers and craze  for the game which keeps it alive. Ever since Indian won the WC in 1983, the country has only gone crazier for the game. This also explains how careful the authorities are to keep India always in the game. All the recent ads are around Indian cricket team.

But then to call it a World cup is just no right. And then decline in certain teams like West Indies, Zimbabwe and Pakistan with Bangladesh never really picking up, the game keeps getting narrower in terms of participation. Certain teams like Kenya showed promise to be lost out. Afghanistan has emerged as a new exciting team and ICC should do its best to keep the country interested for a long time.

I am a cricket fan and hate to say this, the game has to really expand before calling it a world cup..

Cat meat is a repugnant good..

February 24, 2015

Came across this story in ToI yesterday.

It shows how certain eateries in Bangalore are selling cat meat in the name of mutton:


Telling good subsidies from bad…

February 24, 2015

Sreekant Sambrani reflects on the huge noise over subsidies in upcoming budget.

He says not all subsidies are bad. Some of them have merit but then the question is how to identify them and then decide when to go off them:


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