How about a slim-fit kanjeevaram?

Some things should remain as they are.

Kanjeevaram sarees are getting a makeover to appeal to the gen-x:

The kanjeevaram has evolved into a modern-day must-have for the young and trendy, with its myriad designs, enticing colours and innovative concepts. Traditional motifs like the temple design (since it originated in the temple town of Kachipuram, Tamil Nadu), peacock, parrot, dots, paisley and elephants have always been popular.

But now you also find geometrical and asymmetrical designs, large motifs, bigger borders and lighter, easy-to-wear saris. “An interesting innovation is the way the pallu, body and the border are woven,” says Gaurang. “They are woven independent of each other and then interlinked.” For his Ardhangini collection, Gaurang blended kalamkari with the kanjeevarams and also integrated them with uparas to create a soft and sensual feel.

Retailers too have started to reinvent the pattu sari. Jeyasree Ravi, who hails from the Nalli Chetty family in Chennai, set up Palam Silks to make silk saris youth-friendly and an everyday wear. Her first step was to introduce lightweight saris woven out of pure silk and zari. She also moved away from the traditional arakku (red), blues and greens and brought in trendy colours like hot pink, bright yellow and fire engine red.

Beyond mango buttas (dots), newer patterns and abstract designs started occupying centre stage in her kanjeevarams. Ravi went on to introduce “concept saris” like tattoo saris as well as slim-fit and ‘UltraLite’ silks. In the films Chennai Express and Happy New Year, she designed some beautiful drapes for Deepika Padukone.

As long as basic idea remains, it should be fine..


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