You know risks are building when newspapers have pamphlets on “training program on how to become rich in stock markets”

Some things never make sense.

One of them is people advising others on how to become rich in stock markets. If you are that smart why not pile on the monies yourself. Why would someone waste time training others to become rich in stocks and not do it himself/herself. Even if the idea is to train people to understand stocks, it is fine. But if the idea is to make someone rich by trading in stocks, you need to ask the question why not do it yourself? And then all these ventures pop up when markets scaling new highs and disappear thereafter.

So it was interesting to get this pamphlet along with the newspaper where someone promises to make you rich by trading in stocks. It has all the fancy taglines like “letting the money work harder for you, even while you sleep”,  “science of becoming rich”, “stop listening to an expert, become an expert and so on”. Above all, if you are born poor it is not your mistake but if you die poor,then it is definitely your mistake. Really?

Like Gordon Gekko could never understand why someone would give lectures in Ivy leagues over making money in markets, same applies here too.

It also indicates that risks in Indian stocks are adding up. These ventures are a classic early sign (or late) of bubbles building in stock markets. When all these ancillary industries start to spring, you know trouble is beginning to brew. People should watch out newspapers in their areas too.

More bizarre is to see articles like these which say though valuations are at their 10 year high but markets still looking for fresh triggers. Instead of cautioning investors, newspapers are just spreading crazy euphoria..

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