Bengaluru municipality’s slogan — Dig it, widen/deepen it, forget it

Once Hero Honda came with this memorable ad slogan – Fill it, Shut it, forget it. The idea was to communicate the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle produced by the company. It was a huge hit with the bikers.

Taking inspiration, Bangalore Municipal Corporation (Brahat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) has started its own slogan – Dig it, widen/deepen it, forget it. They could have taken inspiration from Nike and say Just dig it. But choosing HH was more Indian and gives a deeper signal as it is more than digging (deepen and forgetting is as crucial).

I mean it is amazing how BBMPO never tires to keep digging the old roads, newly laid roads, already dug roads, pavements etc. Just name it and they have managed to dig it. They just don’t dig them but create craters of sorts. Most of the time these craters are at critical spots like junctions and on really busy roads, disrupting everything. Once these roads are dug they forget about it and becomes a pool of dirty and stinking water. Suddenly someone will complain and remember, they will do a mess of filling the crater. By the time they do it, it is time redigging it again.

Worst is there is hardly any sign on the road to indicate that a crater has been created and one just ends up taking a free dive into the pool and enjoy the swim. At times they put a tree/bush on the site indicating the ditch which is like so funny. What times are they living in.

The entire mess BBMP pushes onto its citizens is appalling to say the least. It is like fighting a war everyday driving on the roads. You never know where you are going to land. If you cannot do good, atleast minimise harm..

Needless to say, but all this madness leads to several diseases and infections. Children are the biggest sufferers of this but no one really cares. Just garbage and carelessness everywhere. I mean it is so sorry, that a child actually wrote to the Bangalore commissioner — ‘Mr Commissioner, can you please save me? She was recovering from her second Dengue attack in 20 months!

And we should remember. This was India’s smart city, full of smart people. The sheer decline of the city is a result of really bad policy and complete ignorance and nonchalance. A terrible case of how to ruin what was once a pensioner’s paradise..


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