When Peepli Live actually becomes alive..

The producers of the Hindi movie Peepli Live would have least imagined that their movie will actually become a reality someday.

It is tragic that it has indeed become a reality. In the movie the farmer Natha did not die but managed to escape all the tamasha. IN reality the script changed with the farmer Gajendra Singh Rajput actually  dying. The news channels are abuzz with each party blaming the other for the suicide by the farmer. I am not getting into all the allegations made by each party.

It is also comic as in how closely Peepli Live actually went around to forecast the kind of conversation our politicians are likely to have in such events. This clearly beats all projections our dalal street makes round the year.

What levels have we come to? On one hand our Prime Minister goes tom toming about India’s emergence as a global economic superpower. On the other we continue to have tragedies like these.


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