The several U-turns of the NDA government..

Rohit Nigam has done a great job of summing most of them. For all you know, the current govt must actually be thanking UPA govt for starting some policies. But while in opposition NDA criticised these policies severely only to do a U-turn while being in power. And then some experts think we should thank NDA for doing a Uturn and not thanking UPA for the actual turn.

There is a huge heated discussion over whether current PM has delivered in one year or not. The obsession over such things will never die and only getting shriller with each passing day. The discussions are not over what Indian mango man has gained/benefited but whether the current PM has delivered over its promises. The two are connected but first one is more real and second is just about rhetoric and announcements. And then what is the big deal if the PM has delivered. After all he has been elected for the job. Why go overboard on it?

Why can’t govts be more humble and respectful towards opposition and vice-versa.

4 Responses to “The several U-turns of the NDA government..”

  1. Prasad Shete Says:

    There are very few unbiased, assessment of one year performance of the Govt which have been ignored and not discussed which what amuses me.

    The author Rohit Nigam, has picked up the new sources to show up the BJP’s earlier stance and the current stance which doesn’t analyse in depth. For example,

    He quotes U turn on

    Then: BJP warns against removal of AFSPA – The Times of India
    Now: After Article 370, BJP does a U-turn on AFSPA in J&K

    Now see the comparison of orange with apple. Quotes about AFSPA and links it with Article 370. When PDP pushed for AFSPA, BJP didn’e relent on it, however Article 370 is delayed and not a U turn.

    Anyways, there would be rebuttal to this piece, no doubt.

    These three blog post I found more credible and sensible which analyse the Govt performance. I hope the practice continues for successive Govt’s and extends to the State Govt’s as well.




    If any party closes its ear to constructive criticism, it sinks and Congress current situation proves this. I hope, BJP is not shutting ears to constructive criticism, but of course criticism with agenda needs to be dealt with the same way, People perceive this as arrogance.

    Warm Regards

    • Amol Agrawal Says:

      Hi Prasad,

      Thanks for the long and useful comments.

      Ideally I wanted to stay away from all this one year tamasha. It is way too overdone. Reading political history, one is never sure how things eventually pan out. What are perceived as highly successful govts end up looking not as good historically and vice-versa. We have to wait for many years to see how these political decisions pan out.

      Yeah there will be rebuttal to these. Of course the list is not sacrosanct and there will be issues.


  2. Prasad Shete Says:

    Thank you sir for the reply. I have been ardent reader of ME and found the posts interesting, unbiased.

    Yes, agree completely with the view that the end results of the Govt actions translate into reality after gap of years.

    The only welcome sign I draw from all this unnecessarily hyped event is that, this sets performance evaluation and kind of target setting for next year for Govt. That’s a welcome sign, isn’t it?

    Thank you once again.

    • Amol Agrawal Says:

      Thanks for the kind comments Prasad. (Also please Let’s stick to first names)

      Let’s see how it goes..historians (and readers like me) are keenly watching this space..

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