Is Make in India campaign copied from Swiss land?

Not sure how much truth is there to this. There is an eerie similarity of the lion used in Make in India campaign to a similar lion (on the wheels as well) used by a Swiss Bank (Cantonal Bank of Zurich in Switzerland).  The govt obviously refutes.

I doubt it, given how lion is such an important symbol in India.

This bit is more interesting:

The Indian campaign was launched in September 2014 to profile India as a global manufacturing hub. The industrial wheel lion silhouette of campaign was designed by the Indian subsidiary of the American agency Weiden + Kennedy (W+K) which has Nike, Coke and Facebook among other companies as clients.Media reports say the company was paid Rs. 4, 32, 50,000 for the period ending March 31, 2015.

Their first choice was an elephant and then a tiger which was apparently shot down as clichéd in addition to being symbols of Indian political parties. After an animated discussion we hear, the lion won as it also represented Emperor Ashok. We understand all that except that the Indian lion bears a striking resemblance to the one on the fast Swiss train. Of course, there is no evidence that there are lions in Switzerland.

4.32 crores! The least the agency could have done is to check whether there are similar symbols being used by other campaigns/brands etc.

The govt could have also pushed the manufacturing in India bid silently. There is way too much noise and confusion on what it is expected to do and what it will end up doing. Such noisy campaigns usually end up being just hype. This does not mean one should ignore manufacturing in India. It is critical for India’s demographic transition. But less noise could be better. That helps keep expectations low and every added investment can be shown as higher than expectations.

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