Case of Sushma Swaraj: Magazine/Newspaper curse continues to kick and ruin careers..

How quickly times change. This is especially true in govt and policymaking.

On  the eve of one year anniversary of Indian govt, newspapers/magazines/experts voted Sushma Swaraj as the best minister in the cabinet. This blog was really surprised to read this. A senior leader like Ms Swaraj was nearly ignored for in the one year by both the govt and the media. So to be noted despite keeping off the hype was just amazing.

Just within a few days, the fortunes have turned. Minister Sushma is in docks and opposition is gunning for her resignation. The issue is giving visa to Lalit Modi, the former IPL commissioner whose passport was revoked by previous govt. IPL continues to haunt politicians/cricket administrators ever since it started in 2008.

This is a classic case of newspaper/magazine curse . This curse means that if you feature in any of the top magazines as someone who has done wonders, it is about  time that your fortunes will reverse quickly. Earlier it was only meant as a Time Magazine curse but applies generally to other magazines/newspapers as well. Just that the curse usually takes sometime to work out just like a business cycle takes time ton reverse. This one was really  quick.

How the politician must be cursing these magazines for ranking her as number one minister. She was doing a quiet job (and a good one) which was actually against her image. Few knew she held the really important External Affairs Ministry. This was bizarre given how Indian PM made so many tours around the world. If there was one activity where the the PM showed huge interest, it was external affairs.

So another interesting and tragic case of magazine curse. It happened to someone who was not even interested in being ranked as a performing minister.

I just read this quote by Paulo Colleho – “Useful people, who do useful things, don’t mind being treated as useless.” These are powerful words and apply to politicians and policymakers alike. In India, there is this craze to take credit for anything and everything positive under the sun. They all want to be seen as this game changer, reform creator, global thinker and what not. In this zeal, they forget that they are just part of the plot which has played over many years and at best one can be humble and respectful for being the chosen one to continue the plot/agenda.

This was not how it used to be. Most of our founders and statesman actually took a backseat and actually got a lot of bad publicity (almost useless as per Coelho). It was only when they retired or were no more, we realised their true worth.

At the end of the day, magazine curse reflects life’s philosophy as well. What goes up comes down eventually..

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