A new committee on innovation and no member has really innovated!!

As I wrote this post on committees, Anantha Nageshwaran has a piece on NITI Aayog’s new committee on innovation.

Last week when I read that the Tarun Khanna-led committee on innovation and entrepreneurship set up by NITI Aayog would be meeting soon ((mintne.ws/1JQDYbE), my first reaction was “oh well”. Then, it turned into frustration and disappointment. The reaction was due to the composition of the committee and not with the individuals. I do not know most of them personally, except for Manish Sabharwal. Had the same composition been announced with different personalities, my reaction would have been the same. A committee to look into innovation and entrepreneurship has three academics—one of them from overseas and two from the services industry. To the best of my knowledge, there is no one from the field who has actually innovated and tried to convert it into an enterprise.


The author also says one role of Niti was to dispense with Planning from the country. But this is not what we are seeing.

Another news item suggested how NITI Aayog’s chief will get ranking of cabinet secretary and other members of junior level secreatary. For all you know, this was exactly one of the major reasons which irked the PM in Plan Com as well. He did not like the heads of an unconstitutional body dictating policies at state level. And if this news is true, then that is what Niti Aayog heads will also end up doing as well. Just that this time it might not irk the PM as he is no more a CM.


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