Six Memorable Months: The Best and Worst of Varoufakis

Nice Article on Greece’s Rock Star er Finance Minister.

There was the leather jacket, the motorbike and photo shoots of the man they said was like more a rock star than a finance minister. Then there were the lectures and proposals that left his European counterparts bemused and often annoyed.

As Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis leaves the job and bows out of ever-urgent talks to keep the country in the euro, the economic professor’s theories on how to fix Europe’s malaise return to the domain of academia, his blog and Twitter account.

From condemning Greece’s creditors to plans to enlist tourists to tackle tax evasion via angry exchanges at a summit in Latvia, here are some of the most memorable moments and comments from his time in office.

What you find amazing is how all this while it did not really look like a crisis. Compare Greece pictures to what you saw in previous crisis in emerging economies..

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