Here’s why India may be on the brink of an unprecedented full-blown water crisis

Water is mother of India’s problems and it is amazing how little attention is paid to it. The sort of attention we pay to macro issues and call a crisis at mere drop of some numbers, our water problem is way beyond such crisis. It is now increasingly becoming a question of now whether there will be a water crisis but when.

Rahul Sachitanand & Sandhya Ravishankar of ET report water news from a village in Telangana. Here overdrawing of groundwater is leading to a huge crisis. This is not restricted to this village alone but extends to most (of not all) parts of the country. We all have seen as we have grown up how some water resources have just dried to unimaginable levels. As trhese natural resources have dried due to sheer mismanagement and neglect, people have looked to ground water resources which have also dried up. It is shocking to hear stories of how badly the groundwater levels have dipped in areas.

One just does not understand this ignorance. Infact, whole water management policy is just so pathetic. There are both floods and lack of water in the same regions. Uttarakhand is once again getting flooded and anytime you go there, one is warned of water scarcity. Why even go to Uttarakahand which anyways does not catch anyone’s fancy. Take Mumbai which drown every year due to rains and gets huge attention from media and polity alike. But hardly any talk is there to preserve all thsi rain water for daily usage. If rains are delayed in the city, the city moves to water crisis situation in quick time.

Water policy and regional development have not bee thought through at all and there is just no coordination. It is just such a glorious mess heading to a huge disaster.


One Response to “Here’s why India may be on the brink of an unprecedented full-blown water crisis”

  1. stockaholic Says:

    I completely agree. I am an American Born Indian and every time I visit India, I either witness drought or pouring rain. The nation must take better care of their water in order to make it last, or else they will be forced to import it from other countries.

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