A Bollywood take on the Greece crisis …

Prof. Manasi Phadke keeps getting better and whackier with her posts.

The latest is a Bollywood take on the Greece crisis:

Here is the ultimate block buster in Economics. Isme action hain, drama hain, austerity hain, reforms hain, growth hain, depression hain, there are scams galore and bro-mance to boot! How could Bollywood not move in to create a movie?

The dukhiyaari Maa-stricht treaty, clad in white, with a dab of dirt (with a radius of exact 2 mm) on her right cheek and just relieved from her job of stitching clothes non-stop 24×7, is standing in the veeraan, sun-saan Kaali Mata temple, wondering why in eternity they got her here to write all the entry level criteria. “Damn, I hope I have connectivity. And this dark cave is spooky…how do the Indians get any of their jobs done” she mutters. “Hmm…The public debt ratio of a country wishing to join our big EU khaandaan cannot be more than 40%” she thinks of writing when suddenly it becomes windy.

Just amazing..:-)


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