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Bajaj to revisit scooter line?

August 4, 2015

Never say never atleast in Business. You never know when you have to say yes to things which you would have rejected outright earlier.

Bajaj Auto is a classic case. A company which was known oinly for scooters soon became only a motorcycle company. The new young chief outrightly ruled any role of scooter in the company. Motorcycles were the new and younger kid on the block just fit for the young India. Bajaj cannot be faulted as that was the major thinking then. Scooters were rejected by the buyers. However, perhaps this was due to poor quality and motorcycles offering a better value for money.

Come in Honda motors who changed the game. Due to the older agreement between Hero and Honda, Honda could not get into motorcycles right away. So, it started with scooters like Eterno and Activa which were much better compared to the older scooters. People took it up and soon scooters started to be visible all over once again. Clever marketing and designs were the game. Soon even Hero motors was making scooters.

Once, Goa famous for its renting two wheeler renting business had mostlt motorcycles. Now it has just scooters. Scooters have one big advantage that one can carry something on them. They have all those carriers and some foot space where things can be kept. This all is so integral to life in India where one purchases things and needs to keep them. Motorcycles had no such space.

I was always wondering what is Bajaj thinking on this? Perhaps they erred by not listening to the old warrior and letting go of a product which was just theirs.

So it seems now some thinking has begin. Bajaj is looking at reinventing its iconic scooter Chetak:



Geographical Indications debate over the humble Rasagulla/rosogulla..

August 4, 2015

Amazing things keep happening. Noticed this newsbit in TOI this weekend over the waging wars between state of West Bengal and Orissa with each claiming stakes over the sweetball – rasagulla. The battle question is simple: Who first discovered the sweet meat? WB or Orissa?

Perhaps, ToI was late to report the news as the battlelines were drawn in beginning of July itself:


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