Using Anacondas, Crocodiles to nudge maintenance of Bangalore roads

Interesting article on how an NGO is using clever ideas to make its points on road maintenance in Bangalore:

It was a usual day for the people of Bengaluru until they spotted this and the city broke into a frenzy.

Anaconda Found In Bengaluru


Yes, an anaconda right in the middle of a

Yes, an anaconda right in the middle of a Bengaluru street, slithering up a pothole. Can’t believe your eyes? Before you freak out, let us tell you that it wasn’t a real one. The Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF), an NGO in Bengaluru came up with this brilliant life size anaconda, quite realistically made and installed it in one of the water logged potholes in Yeshwanthpur market. No wonder the passer bys were in for a terrifying shock!

Anaconda Found In Bengaluru


The lack of proper drainage systems has taken to the city and ever since the arrival of monsoons, the potholes remain water logged for days causing not just never ending traffic jams but water borne diseases like malaria and dengue. The intiative was taken to get the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s attention to get the roads repaired and we think it was a brilliant move. The NBF team shared their experiences of installing the anaconda, saying that the police tried to do all it could to stop them from going ahead with it but it was the media and the interest of the locals that made it possible. This move by NBF is being widely appreciated all over the internet and for all the right reasons. This isn’t the first time a civic group has used street art to highlight such issues in Bengaluru. A few months ago, artist Beedal Nanjundaswamy has installed a crocodile in one of the potholes!

Anaconda Found In Bengaluru


Looks like Bengaluru surely knows how to get things done!

Hmm. actually pot holes are that big that anaconda and crocodiles can easily make a way and in company too. This blog calls them blackholes as the car tyres can just easily sink in them.

These are really clever ways to make a point but hardly bothers those concerned. They might fill this one but ijob will be so poorly done that hole will reappear in a few days.

Other countries are using such arts to slow down the traffic and here we are arguing for an opposite scenario..

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