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Back to Fundamentals in Emerging Markets..

August 14, 2015

Prof Dani Rodrik says that hype around emerging markets is now tapering off.  Much of the past growth was around foreign capital and buzz.



India’s capital is Patna… … that’s what teachers are telling students in many Indian schools

August 14, 2015

Many a politicians do believe that politics in Bihar sets the tone for the country. In a way, what happens in Patna is the focal point for many an activities. Sharad Pawar said in a recent interview:

Lets come to Bihar, who has the upper hand?

Bihar has always been a game changer state. Gandhi started his agitations from Champaran. The first protests against the Emergency took place in Bihar under JP. The concept of social change started in Bihar with the Mandal Commission. Everything starts from Bihar. Bihar shows the direction to the nation. In this election I am looking at it from that angle.

However, it seems some of our teachers are taking this Patna bit as a fact. Shyamal Majumdar points to this sordid tale of teaching in Indian schools:


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