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Indradhanush: Same seven colours on a new skyline

August 18, 2015

Just at the eve of India’s 69th independence day, government announced a series of measures to correct the malaise in Indian Public sector banks. Immediately, talks of big bang reforms followed creating another round of hype and noise. But much was old wine in a new bottle or same colors painted on a new skyline given the name to the reforms.

This govt and its officials have an amazing knack of naming/terming such measures. This one they called it Indradhanush. The Finance Services secretary Hasmukh Adhia explained the logic:


How a secret meeting at a secluded resort led to creation of Federal Reserve

August 18, 2015

A nice article by Jessie Romero of Richmond Fed.

The biggest irony of Fed is how it rose from being really an unwanted organisation to the most powerful central bank in the world. Econs/experts ridicule when some politician makes a case for ending the Fed. But the bigger point is this is the history of central banking in the country. A country which was built by states uniting together has always been sceptical of centralised finance. They had two editions of central banks (1791-1911 and 1916-36) but allowed the 20 year charters of both to expire. Whereas in UK, BoE was also on a charter but it kept getting renewed. So from 1836 onwards there was no central bank in the country and hardly any talk of having one was entertained.

Given the scepticism, any such effort to form a central bank in US is likely to be a highly secretive clubby affair. This was indeed the case as the central bank was given shape in Jekyll Island in 1910. A group of financial elite got together and planned a central bank for US in a meeting so secretive that its list of members is not fully known. Also, the members actually addressed each other by first names to ensure no one notices/overhears them.

The name of Jekyll Island is also ironical given the setting as one immediately connects to the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Most econs present the Fed as Dr Jekyll which has done a lot of good to US economy. But then there are people from Austrian school and some politicos who feel Fed is just Mr. Hyde which has caused far more harm than is visible.

Even the name suggested for Fed was given to hide the fact that it was a central bank. The first proposed name was Reserve Association of America which was later changed to National Reserve Association and finally to Federal Reserve.

So this piece by Romero gives a broad account of how things piled up at the famous island.


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