Renaming Bangalore City Railways Station..

Just missed this news bit.

In April-2015 apart from renaming several cities, Central Govt also agreed to change the name of Bangalore City Railway Station. It will now be called Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna station after the freedom fighter who fought the East India Company (born interestingly on 15 Aug 1798). I just read that this bit has been enforced now and the  station’s name stands changed.

But why? I am sure there are better ways to honor our freedom fighters other than just rename railways stations/airports/universities after their names. These places like railways stations/airports/universities make so much sense to be named after the city alone. Especially when they are already named that way. One can still have new stations etc named after a person but not an existing place.

Huge amount of public expenditure is made to enforce these changes (hoardings, stationery etc) which could easily be utilised elsewhere. Moreover, people cannot even associate the station to the place.


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