Will Brazil Choose Marx or Mises?

Helio Beltrão founder and president of Instituto Mises Brasil, has an interview on this topic. Apparently Mises views are picking up in Brazil. As per the interview, Mises is more popular than Keynes in Brazil today.

People still know about Marz but Mises? I mean we have dumped history of economic thought into a dustbin but the thoughts and ideas keep coming back to haunt us.  In a way, this is a familiar and one of the oldest debate in economics on State vs Markets. Just that different players have argued things differently and have to be understood really well atleast by economics students. So Marx and Keynes both may lean on the side of the State but have very different takes on role of State.

Knowing History of economic thought is so relevant in today’s world. Events after events are telling us the same story..

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