Why manholes become potholes on Bangalore roads?

The stark contrast of India shining in pink papers and India clueless in white papers is just growing every day. We don’t have solutions for our potholed roads, piling garbage, errant electricity, declining water and so on. But enormous noise is created in pink papers how India is like a million roses in today’s world economy. Ironically most such comments forget that even roses have thorns and millions ones at that! Roses seem to be for some really selective people and thorns for rest of the mango people.

Bangalore’s roads are again in news as another person died due to bad roads. Even more interestingly, the police actually arrested the victim’s husband for rash driving. Just amazing.

There is something really terrible about roads in India’s first smart city. I mean one just does not understand why roads are so bad here. The manholes on the roads are either like potholes or like those bumpers. Why can’t the administration level the roads? So while driving you actually feel like playing one of those video games where you avoid hindrances on the roads. A video game gives you some pleasure but a real game is outright frustrating.


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