Bangalore struggles to fill potholes – An interesting (and tragic) case of technology vs labor..

Bangalore’e eternal struggle with potholes, garbage, water and power continue and keep getting worse.

This post is on this interesting story on potholes and how the administration is just clueless on what to do. In 2013, amidst huge fanfare govt. had imported Python– a pothole filling machine. Another machine was imported from Canada called Jetpacker. Even then the local corporators did not like the machines and lobbied to let it fail. They make a lot of money from continuous creating and filling of potholes. Then the Python was accused of eating some jobs, a crucial votebank for the local politicos.

So, as there have been recent deaths due to potholes, again the administration is found wanting and clueless on how to fill the job. To rub the salt in public’s wounds, a minister made a 25 km ride to find no potholes in the stretch!

And again the battles over technology and man have come in. There are accusations of Python disappearing (though has appeared in some other form) from the roads and Jetpacker never really started. The local politicos seem to be saying Python was not the right solution and not fit for Bangalore. Other experts point to the deeper problems of road maintenance in the city.

It is so ironical to see this game of technology vs man being played out in India’s tech city. All at the cost of a mango man.

I mean given the opposition, we could just keep the Pythons and Jetpackers away for time being. People could fill the potholes as they did earlier as well. But what is needed is a more permanent job. Not a shoddy job which ensures potholes becomes deeper in the next rain. Leave rain, in a few days itself the filling just gives up creating a deeper crater. The amount of corruption and greed which has creeped into the system is just unbelievable.

What a time for India’s PM to go and woo the IT czars of US. By saying India is open for business actually is India is open for a deep dive in the potholes..

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