Georgetown University’s course on Hinduism- a strange mix of learning mediums

Good friend and senior Anantha Nageswaran points an interesting course on learning about Hinduism:

THEO-051 Hinduism Today
Spring for 2015-2016
This class explores the contours of Hinduism as it is practiced in India today. We shall range over a broad range of topics from everyday practices to temple worship and the main calendrical holidays. Utilizing film (“Bandit Queen,” “Devi,” “Lagaan,” “Fire”), literature (A Fine Balance, The Death of Vishnu, The Guide, Samskara) and biography (Gandhi’s Autobiography, Ramana Maharshi ) the class will also look at broader themes such as Gandhi’s legacy, human rights (caste, gender, Hindu-Muslim relations), nationalism, sadhus (holy men) and gurus (teachers). The class is both a sympathetic celebration of a profound and complex tradition and a critical examination of a changing tradition during the turbulent 20th century and the uncertain decades ahead.
Well, Hinduism courses are getting popular in West and Profs are looking at interesting ways to make a point.
Whereas in its country of origin, we hardly have such courses. Even if there are, one mught not get enough takers given its limited job appeal.

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