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Issues around width of railway gauges..

October 9, 2015

Bibek Debroy’s latest column on Indian railways is again a great read.

This time it is on width of rail gauges. This blog woke up the importance of width of gauge via this superb book on history of railways. It was a major issue of contention amidst initial railway building nations.

He starts with a great story on how the gauge standard came into being which sadly is just a myth:



Bill Gross to sue Pimco for ‘Hundreds of Millions’ over ouster..(another person of high finance has a high fall)

October 9, 2015

The ugliness of high finance world is being exposed each day since the 2008 crisis. it is shocking to see the standards all these priests of high finance.

The recent addition to the list is Bill Gross and his former colleagues at PIMCO:


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