As pulses prices rocket, the meals get costlier..

Vivek Kaul has a piece on Dalonomics. He says the incentives are not right for farmers to grow more pulses. Well, the problem is not limited to pulses alone. Every quarter or so, we have a problem with potatoes or onions or tomatoes and so on. The list just keeps expanding. The problem is incentives are distorted for farming in general. After pulses, there will be something else..

Meanwhile, the prices of dal related items is zooming as well. The eateries across the country are responding in different ways – Dakshin Kannada is cutting size of Vadas,  AP village knocks off sambhar from menu, Mumbai eateries are waiting and those in Bangalore have increased the prices.

Most eateries had already increased prices due to rising prices of veggies mentioned above. And now another round due to pulses as well. What is worse is that the prices of veggies and pulses may come lower but menu prices are stickier and remain there.

On top of that in states like Karnataka one pays tax of 20% (14.5% – VAT and 5.5% Service Tax) to eat in restaurants. I mean how priceless  it has become to even eat in the country..

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