How being from an upper caste is a curse in this part of Bihar..

An interesting piece by Muzamil Jaleel of Indian Express. She reports from this place in Bihar called Ratansar.

Here we have a few families which are facing the curse of being a brahmin, an upper caste. They are really poor and cannot do certain tasks because of their caste attitude:

From a distance, it looks like a Musahar toli, a slum of the poorest of the poor in Bihar’s regressive caste ladder. Unlike a Mahadalit settlement, however, its thatched roofed shacks are close to the brick-and-cement houses of the affluent. These shacks at Ratansar village, Chhatapur, are home to people one wouldn’t expect to live in a slum. They are Brahmins. Poverty has taken everything away from them — except the attitude of the upper caste.

“We are Brahmins in name only,’’ said Santosh Mishra, 50, sitting in the small bamboo hut he has built on the only little piece of land he owns. He is married with two sons and a daughter. The eldest, Ashwini, 16, has passed class 10. “I am trying my best to continue his education,” said Mishra, who couldn’t study after passing his intermediate.

Like thousands of others, Mishra travels to Delhi or Punjab every year. “I work in a factory there for four, five months and earn Rs 5,000-6,000 a month. There is no work here.

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