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Role of bank branches in age of mobile banking..

November 17, 2015

Kristle Cortés of Cleveland Fed has a short note on the topic.

She says though it is true that role of branches in world of mobile banking has dimmed somewhat, but the branches remain important for local information. So the role of branch is likely to shift from being the one that collects deposits/gives credit to the one that collects and maintains information. The info bit role the branch was doing anyways but it becomes more important now:


Nothing makes sense anymore in global debt markets..

November 17, 2015

A team of Bloomberg columnists have this piece on global debt markets:


Rising indirect taxes and food prices spoil promise of good days..

November 17, 2015

Two articles by Money Life team. One on rising food prices and other on rising indirect taxes. The same govt as opposition would have created huge hue and cry over both these measures if done by the previous govt. But thanks to the near demolition of the opposition, there are no questions being asked.

The problem is not limited to the centre but at state level too. In Karnataka one pays nearly 20% tax on eating food in hotels! It is so crazy really with nearly 15% VAT and 5% Service tax on eating food. With spiralling food prices, atleast taxes on eating could have been avoided. So much so for government for the people.

On inflation front and more so on food inflation, we have two kinds of measures. One is the official number which only impacts the policymakers and marketmakers. The other is the unofficial number which is what the mango man pays and is a more realistic number. Needless to say, the second is much higher than the first. Hence any talk of low inflation in India as reported by the official data is to be laughed off. All it could do is lower rates and excite the financial street but all this hardly matters to those on the real street.

And now we have rising indirect taxes to further dampen whatever remaining spirits…

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