Citizens, corporates give govt earful over bad roads in Bengaluru

Leave improvement, things only seem to be getting worse for people in Bangalore. Yesterday, people protested against govt on the roads. This is something which should have been done a lot earlier. It is apathy and ignorance everywhere.

This article by Vishal Bali (co-founder & chairman, Medwell Ventures) says it all:

If there is one city in India which reflects its modern face to the globe, it’s Bengaluru. A decade ago, Bengaluru emerged as the knowledge hub of the country , and rightfully earned the title of India’s IT capital and aspired to ape the Silicon Valley .

At 10.1mn, Bengaluru’s population has risen 47% over the past decade; it is the third most populous city in India and 18th most populous city in the world. Bengaluru has achieved the distinction of being the startup capital of India with the rise of young entrepreneurship. It is unfortunate that India’s most promising city has crumbled, and far from being an aspirational city , it has driven its citizens to cry out in pain.

For a city which is home to many Fortune 500 companies, Bengaluru should have been in transit to become an iconic city . Unfortunately , the city is on a downward spiral with its social infrastructure lagging far behind its rampant growth – rapid unplanned urbanization, unusable roads, broken-down garbage disposal system, poor sanitation, rise of infectious diseases, unscientifically managed sanitary landfills, frothing lakes, Bengaluru has now reached tipping point, and needs course correction on a war footing.

This is what this blog has been saying for so long as well. It is Bangalore which changed perception about India and still does. What people living here are getting in return shows how poor the state of governance in India has become. No one cares at all..


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