When Mexico city tried a plan similar to Delhi’s odd-even car rule..

Aditya K picks some insights from economics on the new Delhi ruling to allow odd-even cars. One must sound caution (even the author does) that this might not apply to Delhi. But nevertheless one must know of similar city experiences if they exist.

He picks insights from a research paper and in nutshell the outcomes are just opposite:

Public transport ridership fell and the total number of vehicles in circulation increased. The policy led to a relative increase in air pollution levels during weekends.

Unintended consequences again.

I don’t think any amount of govt intervention can help here. Govt can just wish but it is upto people to understand and act on these really critical issues. We need to realise and accept that we are really poor in being sensitive to environment related issues. I will not be surprised if things actually become worse in Delhi..


One Response to “When Mexico city tried a plan similar to Delhi’s odd-even car rule..”

  1. Pratap Kumar Rana Says:

    it’s a excellent discission

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