vs khan market — interesting battle of copyrights..

Interesting bit of news this morning. Salman Khan, the Indian actor recently announced setting an online portal called This has angered Delhi’s iconic Khan market:

The Khan Market Traders Association plans to sue actor Salman Khan over the name of his new online shopping platform —

Salman had unveiled the online shopping portal on his 50th birthday on December 27. The portal is yet to begin operations but is open for registrations.

“We are a world-famous market. How can the actor use our market’s name for his portal? If he announces discount for merchandise on his portal, customers will turn up here and ask for the same. They are bound to be confused,” association president Sanjiv Mehra says. The traders will approach Delhi high court when it reopens on January 4. The 65-year-old market with 150 shops and 35 restaurants was placed 21st on a list of costliest retail locations in the world and the most expensive in the country in a recent real estate survey.

However legally speaking, they don’t have much of a case, feel lawyers. “There is no trademark infringement in this case. There must be thousands of Khan Markets in the country. It is likely to be dismissed as a frivilous litigation if and when it is filed,” Sanjay Upadhyay, a Supreme Court advocate, says. But Mehra differs. “Since the name Khan Market has been with us for ages we have a right on it. In the case of Khan Chacha (an eatery), The court ruled in its favour because of its popularity,” he says.

Which way will this go?



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